Generate Product Texts 10x Faster With AI

Create flawless descriptions, titles, and metadata in any language simultaneously. Every product in your inventory will be fully SEO-optimized.


Solutions made for e-commerce

Save time and money writing texts, doing keyword research and translating your content using Cension.

Generate keywords with just an image

Generate keywords from a product title, specification, or simply just an image, in bulk and in matter of minutes.

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Dedicated customer success

You'll get support at every step to ensure you are satisfied with the content generated by Cension.

Hello, I want to train my own AI model but are not sure how to do it. Can you help?
Of course, maybe we can schedule a 15 min call on Tuesday?
That would be perfect.
What time works best for you?
How about 11:00 PM?
Works great for me.
Tuesday 02 at 11:00 PM is now booked

See you soon Jesper!

Train your own ai-models

Enhance your content by training category AI models to write exactly to your specifications.

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Streamline your product information

Connect your PIM to Cension for seamless, automated product information updates with each new inventory.

Write in any language

Craft concise texts aligned with local search behaviors.

Simple to use

Import, generate, export. It's that easy.

Pricing like no other

Our prices is a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

Seamless integration

Plug-and-play connections — no coding needed.

Multiple feed distribution

Create a custom feed for each wholesaler.

24/7 customer support

We are available a 100% of the time.

Money back guarantee

If you're unhappy, you'll get your money back.

All in one go

Cut pim-tasks from hours to minutes.

Cension's team

Over 40 years of combined experience in large inventory marketing and development.

Johan Malm
Richard Gyllenbern
Martin Hedelin

See it live

Let us know a convenient time, and we'll arrange a live demo showcasing your products in action.